School Anxiety Help

School Anxiety Help

A couple of months ago I bought a stuffed Fary Good Heart to help my children feel close to their dad when he traveled for work. Before he left, he’d put a special note in Fairy Good Heart’s pocked and tell them not to pull it out until they missed him. Of course, they’d start crying out how they already missed him.

Today, I used the toy for a new ned in my family–school anxiety help.

School Anxiety Help

Fairy Good Heart was a HUGE help this morning for my daughter Sammie, AND Mommy! It was her first day of kindergarten and she was pretty nervous. To help lessen her fear, I put a little drawing of our family in the stuffed toy’s pocket and told Sammie that when she felt afraid, Fairy Good Heart was there to remind her of all the people who loved her and were saying prayers with her.

Sammie said, “If I get scared I can just hug my backpack and Fairy Good Heart will help…AND remind me to say a prayer, because, Mommy, God has the power to comfort!”

Sammie didn’t miss a beat! She was her typical observant self, but had a smile on her face and didn’t get sad when I gave her a goodbye hug. Not surprised, after all this is the child who, as a 1 year old at preschool, pointed to the door and said, “Mommy, GO!” I walked out the door, but peaked around the corner to make sure she was okay. She picked up her backpack, pulled Fairy Good Heart out, gave her a hug, and then leaned her against her lunch sack as though she was another kid in the class.

My two younger ones start preschool next week and I’m going to employ my new lifesaver Fairy Good Heart with them too!

BIO: Laura Rossmurphy has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Boston University.