If you are looking for parenting tools | therapist resources to help children cope with parental absence (i.e. divorce, deployment, long distance parenting, etc), play therapy is the most effective. It uses the art of play to communicate with children to help them work through challenging times. The techniques are simple and can be used by parents, or a licensed therapist looking for tools to use in therapy.

Therapists: If you would like to share an a play therapy technique (or an article for the next section) that you’ve found helpful with children (or parents) dealing with parent-child separation, send it my way. TOPIC: Keeping Parents and Children Connected When Apart. Areas of focus can related to situations where a parent is emotionally connected but physically absent (i.e. during divorce, deployment, business travel, etc.) or, a parent who is physically present but emotionally unavailable (mental health issues like depression, personality disorders or substance abuses, etc.). In exchange, I will give you a byline, bio and a link back to your site (see below).  [email protected]